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Drawing on our 40 plus years of law enforcement experience, we are committed to offering our clients expertise in the area of employment background checks, tenant background checks, private and corporate security services, process serving and risk assessments for businesses.  We are committed to offering our clients the highest quality of service at affordable prices.  Please contact us today to further discuss your needs.


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BG&H Investigators offers thorough background investigations, both pre-hire, and post-hire, of employees for businesses.  Our standard background investigation includes a criminal history check, sexual offender registries check, proof of identity and address verification and existing warrant check.  Optional services include valid driver’s license verification check, educational background verification, and extensive former employment checks.  Please contact us today to customize these options based on your individual needs.




BG&H Investigators offers professional security services for corporate, public and private events. Security services can range from a discreet non-uniformed presence, to armed guards.  Please contact us today to further discuss your security needs.




BG&H Offers prompt, accurate and timely service of process.  We are committed to helping you get your papers served professionally and efficiently, with less hassle and less time, while offering you the lowest cost.  Please contact us to further discuss our service of process options.


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